Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Want to know what's really killing the video game industry?

Once a developer shows a few pictures or videos, snippets of gameplay that 'looks' fun, all morons grab thier wallets out and throw money at them. They already know how many they're going to sell before they even finish developing. Pre orders allow them to be lazy. Once they know they already have your money, why the heck bother polishing the game? This is especially apparent with sequels. So you unoriginal shooter? Well here comes a sequel! -- And instantly, without any indication that the game is going to be good, millions of retards throw their money away.
 There is no need to pre-order games months before it even gets a release date. Give me one good reason why you need to have a video game, the very first day it gets announced, Trust me Gamestop isn't going to say "sorry out of pre-orders" a week before it comes out.

Therefore: stop pre ordering games MONTHS BEFORE it comes out.

Oh, and don't blame piracy. Piracy is just a scapegoat that developers use when they can't admit they made a crappy product that isn't even worth the disc it's copied on, more on piracy next rant post


  1. makes sense. I'll try to be more patient in the future

  2. I only pre-order if I get a cool gift for doing so.

    Also all these unoriginal shootans, all they have to do is put the guy in a gangsta pose on the cover and people will eat it up. It's like they're printing their own money. Another map pack update?! Take my money!

  3. interesting,that was new to me...
    thanks for spreading it

  4. wow, i never thought of that!

  5. It's a little dramatic as you paint it, but I agree and have thought of that.

    Worse yet is "used games" and "game rentals." Both take money straight out of the developers' pockets.

    In that regard, my main opinion is that the REAL enemy in all this is GameStop. Not only does GameStop literally leech the gaming industry, but it wiped out the second-hand gaming industry by taking over completely. Have you ever talked to a GameStop employee? They ask you all those annoying questions and sound like douches 'cuz they will get fired if not. They also specifically don't hire gamers if they can help it, because gamers tend to have opinions about the merchandise.

  6. @Fabi
    Yea I know it was over dramatic I'll do that for the rant posts. and I only go to gamestop as a last option if i can't find a certain game anywhere else.