Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trolling is now a crime and they take away your games!

Over on BioWare's Dragon Age 2  forums, A poster named Arno got banned. Not really a big problem, we all have been banned from things in the past. but this gentleman was locked out form playing is games. Arno was upset because he felt like Dragon Age 2 was rushed and he was upset on of the comments he left was, "“Have you sold your souls to the EA devil?". He was banned for 72 hours for saying this comment. But not only from the forum, but it seems his entire EA account. Arno can't play the 1st Dragon Age because he bought DLC and since he can't log on his account the game thinks he pirated the DLC. EA tried to give the old "Its part of out terms and use agreement." Regardless its still bull that they did that to him.

I know this update was kinda short and it has been a while since i posted anything but I've been really busy. I promise ill have more next week.


  1. Damn, they're taking away his games because of his opinion? I guess THEY CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!