Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Review

I know I'm a little late on the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 review, but my copy shipped late (thanks Capcom Store.) So far I’ve played about 200 matches online and I’m really enjoying the game. 

This is the hardest single
move in the game.

MvC3 has a great fighting engine. Every fighter feels different and has their own tactics for battle. The 3 on 3 battles are fun some teams work better than others based on what special moves and assists they have. You'll probably first start to pick characters you like then start to replace them with ones that better suit your fighting style. The game uses six buttons in total, light, medium, and hard attacks, 2 buttons to call in your partners, and one air launcher attack. Moves are easy to pull off with the hardest input being left-down-corner then an attack button. The advanced combos on the other hand are very hard to memorize and pull off perfectly. One new feature of this one is a move called "X-factor", if you hit all the attack buttons you'll get a buff which will give you like triple the damage. I can say that the x-factor is one of the cheapest things in any video game I've played. I've been able to beat an entire team with all of the fighter’s life at about half without much trouble with x-factor.

Get used to seeing this alot if
If you like playing with friends.

The online portion of the game needs a lot of work. Trying to connect to a match from the online menu just gives you a ton of "connection fail" errors. When you are in a lobby you have to watch the fighters player cards hump each other while you do nothing. Capcom says they will put in the spectator mode later but I have no idea why they didn't put it in the game to begin with. Also you can't save replays, Super Street Fighter 4 had this so why not MvC3? However once you get into a match and start fighting it works really well. I can only remember a few times that a game had lag and only once or twice when it would cause problems and drop the match I was in.

Even a simple kick to the face has a
awesome flash!
The graphics in this game have a comic book type of feel to them (epically the main menu backgrounds).  The game have nice effects of fire, ice and thunder which all look like they are coming alive while still staying 60 frames per second. The lighting effects are also crazy whether you’re doing a Shinkuu Hadouken or summoning fire from your hands, fighters have shadows and glows. The endings for the fighters are kind of disappointing, just a few still images with text are all you get. I wish they were done in the same style that the opening was but making endings for the 35+ fighters would have been costly.

The audio is hit or miss however, it is a massive improvement over MvC2. One problem I have with MvC3, as well as most fighters in general, is that every time your fighter does a special move they reuse the same screaming voice clip over and over again.  Music fairs better than the voices. Every fighter has their own theme that will play when they are brought into the fight. The themes range from a wide verity of styles and even a few with vocals. There are a few I didn't like but luckily, if you have the xbox 360 version you can import your own music.  The sound effects are hit or miss also. Ice sounds like actually ice hitting the ground and shattering. The guns are kind of "fake" sounding and don't sound like real guns.

If you haven't bought the game yet and not really into fighters I would say skip this and if your itching to play a fighter go buy Super Street Fighter 4 for 20 bucks. I'm willing to beat Capcom will release a Super version of this game in a year or so, wait for that if you’re not in a rush to play it. I'm having a ton of fun with this game but chances are if you don't have it now you can probably wait for the "super" version.



    Gonna pick this up in a few weeks/months. Probably get a fighting stick first.

  2. I've only played the first one and thought it was awesome.

  3. this is reeally awsome followed

  4. nice review man.. followed.

  5. Been playing this with my friends recently, I feel that it is a pretty solid game as well!

  6. One of my best friends has this game, although he seems more engrossed with Gran Turismo 5.

  7. My roommate bought it and returned it the next day. He said it was absolutely horrid.

  8. Thanks, not a big fighter fan, will take your advice!