Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crysis 2 demo review.

Crysis 2 is releasing on March 22 one is one of the biggest shooters this year. Crytek has finally relased the PC demo (weeks after the xbox one) and I was not expecting much and that's just what i got, nothing much.

 The demo was released last night but there was a problem with EA's servers so no one could create an account. What made this problem worse was that unless you logged in you couldn't change your screen resolution, I was stuck looking at the "Creating account" screen in 800x600 for what felt like forever. I was tried so I didn't want to stay up much longer and wait around for nothing. So I made my account the next morning. I was finally able to login and switch my resolution.

While I was in the options. I was shocked at the lack of graphic options. You have the normal stuff, V-snyc, resolution, but that is it you have only three choices for the graphic settings. Crytek only gives you low, medium and high settings no graphical sliders at all.

I found a server without much trouble (even tho they all said that the ping was 0) and started  playing the two game types, king of the hill and team deathmatch. I didn't fine the King of the Hill game fun but deathmatch is always good.

Thier is two very different maps. One is the top of a skyscraper, the other one is is a ship dock.  I liked the skyscraper map better because I fell  it shows off the graphics better then the ship yard.

Now the actual game. When I first started playing I keep losing and I had no idea why. I would literally run up behind someone shoot him in the back with a shotgun, and he would turn around and shoot me with his sub-machine gun and I would die! The first few times this happened i just thought it was just some kind of lag so i left the game and joined a different server (another one with a ping of 0) and same things would happen. I know that you where able to use your combat suit to get more armor and invisibility. But everyone seemed to survive longer then me. I was able to get a few kills and it said I leveled up. I hated when this happened I didn't want to play Cawa dooty. Ive gotten more kills and I got stronger armor but still people who have been playing longer were beating me. I know this is only the demo but another complaint I have is it doesn't feel like a sci-fi shooter it just feels like another military shooter with the battle suit.

Bottom line: It feels like Crysis was "dumbed" down for the cawa dooty and Halo crowd and system fanboys. I will probably NOT buy this game when it comes out latter this month.

On a side note: what game do you want me to review next?