Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chun li Fight stick review ( vs pad)

This is the stick I bought.
I haven't been playing fighters for long, besides the occasional match of Soul Caliber 2 with friends back in the day, I just really got into them, about a year ago my friends bought me Super Street Fighter 4 for a birthday gift. I had a ton of fun with the game (ranking in over 400 hours of play time).  I was always using the PS3 controller, I never wanted to invest into a fighting stick however.

Before Marvel vs Capcom 3 came out I wanted to get a stick because my local arcade was going to have lots of tournaments for it.  Doing some research on website alot of people said they love the Tournament Editions from Mad Catz. I went to the store and bought it.

Now for the review, The stick it self is very sturdy and feels like it was made well and can take a few beatings. The buttons are VERY sensitive (not saying that's a bad thing though) I was quite surprised when i would lightly hit a button on it and it would register. The stick is nice and responsive with a square gate (which makes it easier for people who play with fighters the use diagonal move sets) took some getting use to from moving to the pad but more on that later. The stick also has the start and select (or back for 360) buttons on the top so you don't press them by accident when your mashing buttons to get out of a stun. Their is also another layer of security with the start and select buttons, on the top near the home button their is a locking feature with will stop inputs from the those buttons. Another thing that is awesome is that their is a cabinet storage for the usb cable.

But the arcade stick isn't flawless though. the cabinet is kinda small for getting the cable inside not a huge issue but it can be a pain when trying to quickly wrap it up. Another thing, is that its kinda pricey mine was about $150 a little steep but other then that this is a great product.

Get used to being on the end of a KO when switching.
Now lets talk about my switch from my PS3 d-pad to the stick. I instantly fell in love with the buttons, they where light years above the controller. They are incredibility responsive sometimes however, I hit the wrong button by mistake, but I'm sure with a lot of practice I'll get it down.  It took me a while to get used to the control stick, I was often jumping when I meant to block. After a few days I got better, I still on occasion mess up an input but I probably would I have done the same thing using a d-pad. Over all I feel like it just is a different way to play. I don't "feel" like I have gotten better but maybe in the future I'll talk more about using my stick and my luck with it.

Bottom line: If you want to go out and play games in arcades and tournaments invest in a fighting stick. If your just a casual fighter don't worry about it and just use what ever you feel most comfortable with.


  1. Man I love fight sticks! I used have the old SNES advatage back in the day.

  2. id love to invest in one but i just dont play fighting games enough. I just got Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 thoguh, and if i really start getting addicted to it i might have to change my stance!

  3. I have a MvC2 collectors stick that's modded to work for both X360 and PS3, I love it!